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Why Mobile is Different from Web Up until very recently A/B testing and optimization could only truly be done on the web. In this environment web based A/B testing tools became popular. The people and teams that used and loved these services looked to mobile and wondered why there weren't any similar services on platforms like iOS and Android. So they took their experiences from A/B testing on the web and applied them to the mobile platforms. It is our perspective that this has generally given the market, platforms that aren't designed to take advantage of what mobile truly has to offer.

So what makes mobile different from web? Well the easy answer is always that the web is an open platform, while mobile is closed. That is what underlies all of the differences, but in the past six years since the App Store was released, a lot of intricacies have developed.

First and foremost what has become possible on mobile are intuitive, polished and intimate user experiences. This has come about, because native mobile apps are given the full power of the devices that they are built on, whether that is processing power, access to GPS, or anything in between. The web hasn't had that type of personal understanding of the user, so A/B testing has traditionally been viewed as something merely to optimize text, color or position.

Those that truly understand mobile. People that have been building on the mobile platforms since they were released, understand what mobile users have come to expect. They also understand the significant challenges posed by the closed platforms.

At Taplytics we are all mobile developers. We have built apps big and small across a wide range of different genres. We understand the challenges of the platforms the same way that independent developers understand them and struggle with the challenges on a day to day basis. We built Taplytics to help people like us, and not only to help with A/B testing, but also to help teams work better together.

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