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Time for a Change As I mentioned in an article a couple weeks ago there are two major types of development cycles in mobile. One is to be submitting new app versions for App Store approval as soon as the last is released. The other is a long release cycle with big hypotheses.

The Long Release Cycle

I want to take a moment to talk a bit more on the long release cycle, as this is the major way that developers work in the current system. This method is really a departure from where we have gotten to with modern programming and the lean movement. And it's all because of the way the App Store makes developers work. People feel like this is the way they have to work, so they wait too long to release. In this this way of working, you run the risk of your market moving before you do.

Change the Way You Think

So as a developer or product manager you have to change the way you think about releases. You need to release fast. And you need to release often. But the market isn't changing, so how do you make this change? Well that's where Taplytics comes in. With the ability to push design, layout and flow changes without an App Store update you can finally work the way we all have learned is best to work. You can react to data in real time. You can release changes quickly and do it as often as you would like. Mobile A/B testing with Taplytics gives you the ability to work the way you want.

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