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Three Pillars

The single biggest problem in mobile today is getting people to transition from downloading your app, to becoming actual users. Most apps lose more than 50% of people within the first few seconds of use. It gets even worse if your app requires some sort of login. In this case you could be losing up to 70% of people. And this is all without even really trying an app.

Try Before You Buy

You would be surprised at how big of a difference little changes make in this area. It's such a big problem that if you change the way you present information or your login buttons you could easily improve retention by 50%. If you want to really make a difference let people actually try your app before they have to login. Show off some of your core functionality as part of the initial flow and tutorial.

Educate Your New Users

Showing off and letting new users try some of your functionality serves multiple purposes. The most important is that users need to be educated about your app. No matter how well designed or simple your app is, a new user still needs a walkthrough, and they still need to see how your app actually works.

See Success with Taplytics

By taking advantage of the tools that Taplytics provides, to test different text, images, designs and flows you can completely change the top line performance of your app. You could easily spend thousands of dollars trying to get people to your app, but that doesn't change the fact that you will be losing half of the traffic you're buying. Start with simple tests and grow to complex personalizations and you will see drastic improvements in the users that stick around to take advantage of the app you've built.

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