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Web Summit Featured Image Hey Taplytics supporters and well-wishers, we're trying to send our CEO Aaron Glazer to speak at the Web Summit in Dublin. As you probably know by now, we try very hard to be a source for education in all things mobile from A/B testing tips to general startup advice. On that front we have a few things coming that should really increase our ability to educate startups and enterprise mobile companies alike on best practices in mobile development and marketing. But a part of our efforts also includes getting as involved as we can in speaking engagements, so we can meet as many of you as possible while we're at it.

In the past we've spoken to groups at Bitmaker Labs in Toronto, we've mentored at YC Hacks in Mountain View and presented our learnings in many more situations. We now have an opportunity to send our CEO to Dublin to speak on the people's stage at the Web Summit. This is a world-class technology conference, and we're excited to potentially be a part of it.

Help us get Aaron to Dublin

Whether you're planning on attending this great event or not, you can help us get Aaron to Dublin. All you have to do is click here and then click on the Facebook Like button under his picture. The talk that Aaron will give at Web Summit if he is accepted as a speaker is, "Mobile Advertising & The Retention Deception: Moving Past The Download." This talk focuses on strategies that enable mobile marketers to succeed in a world where 84% of users will only open your app once or twice.

Check out his talk

If you're looking for a little more detail here's a sneak peak at the content:

Mobile Advertising & The Retention Deception: Moving Past The Download.

While Mobile Advertisers continue to increase their budgets after seeing success from new ad platforms like Facebook Stream Ads, the frightening reality is that a download is only half of the equation. Moving beyond the download and successfully monetizing a user is a far greater challenge and requires efforts from the entire app team. A recent study showed that 84% of users will not launch an app more than twice. Even more frightening, the average cost per download continues to rise, which has led to the startling statistic that most app publishers lose money.

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