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There’s been a lot of talk recently about push notifications, Parse closing down and several providers looking to step into the push notification spotlight. We’re not going to tell you that you should ditch your push provider. We’re not going to tell you we're better so you should jump ship and come with us (although we're happy to have you). What we are going to do, is explain that push is just one piece that contributes to your success in mobile.

Many push providers offer a platform for you to create push notifications for your app users. Some others also allow for push A/B testing and segmentation. But what happens once your push has been, well, pushed?

Do you know what will engage your users once they’re inside your app? Without the ability to continue testing the user experience within the app, you’re missing out on actionable data and insights as well as the opportunity to drive change in user behavior.

A complete mobile optimization platform gives you a holistic view into your user’s behavior and what will drive engagement and/or sales. Specifically, things like the ability to track activation rates, retention analysis, granular user behavior and to create deep custom segmentation allow you to truly understand your users.

Marketers and developers have worked to optimize websites and landing pages for years. What many of those same innovators fail to realize is that optimizing an app follows similar logic around key elements in the view, notification and flow. Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg call these key elements the "Conversion Trinity":

  • Relevance. Are you relevant to my wants/needs/desires?

  • Value. Have you explained your value proposition/offer well?

  • Call to action. Is it obvious what I need to do next? Have you given me the confidence to take that action?

These conversion guidelines are just as important for push notifications as they are for the in-app view reached once the push has brought the user back to the app. If you're only looking at the push, you're missing the golden opportunity to drive engagement and sales within the app itself. It's like checking to see if the door to the castle opens, but never stepping foot inside.

There are a lot of mobile platforms and solutions out there, even for such a relatively young industry. We aim to be the premiere solution for app optimization through A/B testing, Smart Push Notifications and custom analytics. We believe that the best user experience comes from a holistic view of your app and the ability to make timely and results-driven changes.

If any of these essential pieces are missing, are you sure you’ll really know what your users want from your app? Do you know how to drive push notification click-through, user retention and how to increase sales? We do.

Taplytics is a fully integrated mobile A/B testing, push notification, and analytics platform providing the tools you need to optimize your mobile app.

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