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Private Beta Featured Image There comes a time in every startup's life when you can't keep things to yourself anymore. You have to stop holding on too tight, stop worrying about how embarrassing your UI or code is and just let people use your product. Well, we're not all the way there just yet. Our developers aren't fully willing to let go of their death grip, so we've come up with a compromise.

That compromise is our very own private beta. If you sign up to Taplytics, we'll put you in line to get your hands on our platform. We're going to let people in gradually, to make sure we're delivering the best possible experience to all of our users. If you want to skip the line though, there is one way and it's actually pretty simple. All you have to do is send an email to and tell me two things:

  1. Why you're interested in using Taplytics and
  2. Why you'd be an awesome beta tester.

It doesn't have to be an essay, in fact I appreciate brevity. Really this is just my way to get to know the people I'll be talking to as we move through our beta. I'm excited to get this beta rolling and share what we're building with the world. I hope you're excited too.

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Cobi Druxerman

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