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Keep it Simple One of the biggest questions we frequently get is, "Can I run tests if I'm not a programmer?". The answer of course, is yes! Taplytics has been designed with a single goal, to give anyone on an app team the ability to try new content, test new ideas or fix bugs, all without the input of a mobile developer. While Taplytics has many different use cases, some of the most common are simple questions like:

  1. Can I simplify explanations in my app that are too complicated?
  2. Is my on-boarding flow too complicated?
  3. Can I disable parts of my app that are causing bad user experiences or crashes?

Taplytics has enabled many non-technical team members, like app marketers, copywriters, branding experts and others to make these types of changes. If you've got a mobile app, why not try Taplytics yourself? We'll even help walk you through common areas that other users focus on to improve their own apps through A/B testing.

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