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Mobile A/B Testing 101 I'm starting to write blog posts more often, and I realized (with some nudging from my co-founders) that I haven't written a 101 article on mobile A/B testing. I've been taking it as a given that people know what mobile A/B testing is, which I have learned is never a good idea. So this post will be a brief description for those who don't know or aren't sure what mobile A/B testing is and are afraid to ask.

You can always go to the ever popular Wikipedia for an explanation and it does a fine job. But the salient point is that an A/B test is a test of a page, mobile or online, that presents two different versions, an A and a B, with the goal of maximizing an outcome of interest.

When it comes to mobile, the outcome of interest may be one of a number of things; more time spent in the app, more purchases, more likes or shares, more ads clicked or more users coming back to the app. Tests can also be as simple as changing the colour and text of buttons (the most common view of A/B testing).

mobile A/B tests can also be far more complex, for example adjusting the destination of buttons and therefore changing the overall flow of an app. No matter how simple or complex, the goal of A/B testing is always the same; find ways to change your app that will adjust user behaviour in a positive way. The important thing is to just start testing and tracking the results, because if you aren't tracking what's happening in your app you'll never know how to improve.

If the article has piqued your interest and you want to learn more about mobile A/B testing and how it can be used to improve your app just send me an email. I'm happy to take a look at your app and help you work through some of your challenges.

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