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Visual Editor Featured Image This feature spotlight focuses on the most important piece of Taplytics, our Visual Editor. At Taplytics our focus is on making the lives of app teams easier, so they can build better apps. It's important to bring up, as I do semi-regularly, that when we started Taplytics we were app developers, making apps that we wanted and hoped others would want too. It's from this perspective that we created our Visual Editor. It is also this perspective that makes the process of using our Visual Editor unique, and dare I say, magical.

When we created the Visual Editor, the first thing we wanted was absolute fidelity. We wanted to be able to see the results of our edits exactly as our users would see them. We wanted this, because we had grown tired of simulators and visualization tools that just gave us a representation of what our apps would be like. We wanted to be certain that what we saw as we were editing the interface of our apps was exactly what our end users would see. It was this requirement that led us to use the app itself as the "canvas" for our Visual Editor, with all edits displayed on a dev device in real-time.

Taplytics Visual Editor

There are few words that can describe the magic of seeing changes that you make in your web browser reflected in your app, instantly with pixel perfection. The first time I ever saw it in action it brought a smile to my face, because to me this meant I would never have to wait for a new Testflight build ever again. It meant that I didn't have to know exactly what I wanted when I was editing my app either. I could just log in to Taplytics, connect my development device and start making changes. You can see instantly whether the changes you are making improve your app. As a designer or marketer, getting the power to see your vision instantly, is remarkable.

If you want to learn more about our Visual Editor or any other part of Taplytics, please shoot me an email, I can be reached at  

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