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Dynamic Goals Featured Image This feature spotlight is going to focus on Dynamic Goals, because it is potentially the most important part of our promise to let users create great experiments without ever having to touch code. At Taplytics, one of the things we really strive for is allowing non-technical team members to run powerful experiments, just like programmers would be able to, without touching code. To be able to do this, every piece of the A/B testing puzzle needs to be taken into account. This includes; creating experiments, adjusting variations, setting goals and distributing to end users.

When it comes to goals, we allow goals such as signups, purchases and shares to be set with just a tap on your device's screen or by navigating to the page that you want to measure engagement on. Many of our competitors still require that all goals be instrumented in code, using tags when the event in question happens. We work extremely hard to make sure that you never have to do this, because it undermines our promise of focus and allowing all team members to own their parts of the app from start to finish, without needing to rely on developers.

Just in case you were wondering, Dynamic Goals work like this - Once you have created your experiment and set your variations, our experiment creation wizard brings you to the section where you can set your goals. Instead of instrumenting your goals in code, you set goals the same way you add in elements to the experiment, tap on the buttons and navigate to the views that you want to track. It's just that simple. If you want to track a social share, tap on the desired "like" button in your app, if you want to track a purchase, tap on the purchase button. If you're more interested on understanding the engagement of your users you can set up a view tracker on the page where you have your main content and track how long your users spend on that page.

Dynamic goals are flexible and work in a lot of different use cases. Those use cases are constantly growing as we expand our offering and improve our platform. If you want any specific use cases added to dynamic goals just let us know. We're always happy to hear from our users.  

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