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Taplytics Code Experiments At Taplytics our core strength is the ease with which non-technical team members can create and manage powerful A/B tests within their native mobile apps. While this is our major focus, we still care a lot about the experience of developers who need to be able to test deeper logic changes or feature additions. That's why this feature spotlight is focusing on code-based experiments. If you want to get started with code-based experiments right away feel free to check out our technical docs on the topic here.

As I mentioned above, code-based experiments are what make feature rollouts, logic tests and other more complex A/B tests possible. While the features and parts of the app that are being tested may be more complex, that doesn't mean that the process of creating the A/B test has to be. That is why we have kept the creation of code-based experiments as easy as possible. In our Experiment Creation Wizard all you have to do is name your test, add in however many variations and dynamic variables you want, give them all names and add in any goal tags you are tracking and you are set. The wizard automatically generates the code for you so all you have to do is copy and paste the code snippets where necessary. And then when you are ready you just run the experiment.

Code-based experiment variations

If you ever want to adjust the distribution of the variations, or delete a variation, all you have to do is open the wizard back up for that experiment and make whatever adjustments you need. Of course, on-the-fly adjustments to your experiments are not advised if you are looking to continue monitoring the data and you are looking for statistical significance. If, however, you know that one or more variations are either performing extremely positively or negatively and you don't want to waste a moment running the negative experiments longer than you have to, then you can easily adjust your distribution on the fly.

As with all of our other features, code-based experiments are just another way in which we are making A/B testing and mobile development in general easier for everyone. If you have any questions about this or any other feature feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email directly at

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