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Economics of App Development This past week Vision Mobile published their Q1 report of mobile developer economics. As always Vision Mobile has put together a great look into the market. The point that I really want to highlight is the disparity between developers. The chart that I have included shows the percentage of each platform where developers earn greater than $50k/app/month, $10-50k/app/month, $500 - $10k/app/month and lower than $500/app/month.

While iOS is clearly the most equitable platform, this is just a relative statement. The majority of app developers are making less than $500 per app per month. What this means is that the small percentage of developers making greater than $50k per app per month are taking the majority of the revenue in the market. This is not a gradual slope, it's a cliff where the top 100 apps are sucking all the air out of the market.

When You Miss

If you miss in a market like this, by not having an app that delivers a clear value, or you miss by not having an app that is properly optimized for your audience, you can miss really big. The difference is clear, it can be as much as 100-1000X. The big guys have developed tools that help them to ensure that every release, whether an update or a brand new app, have the greatest chance possible to hit. These are tools like analytics and mobile A/B testing platforms.

The Value of Mobile A/B Testing

We at Taplytics are trying to level the playing field. We are offering a tool that allows you to act like the big players. With Taplytics' mobile A/B testing platform you can track your key metrics, segment your users in powerful ways and deliver tests to your user-base instantly and without an App Store update. If you read our article about Facebook's Airlock, you'll know that Facebook has built a powerful tool to test key parts of their app. They know the power of this type of test. We are bringing the power of dynamic mobile A/B testing to you, so you can give yourself the best chance possible to make the App Store economics work in your favor.

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The disparity in app revenue shows the need for mobile a/b testing

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