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Voodoo Tap Frogs


XTouch, developers of iOS app Voodoo Tap Frogs used Taplytics to dynamically adjust the properties of their gameplay. The result, a 29.76% improvement in completed rounds of play.


XTouch is a Toronto based company that graduated from the JOLT accelerator program in April 2014. They are developing a new technology and mobile SDK that extends a mobile device's touch surface to include the entire physical surface the device is resting on. While XTouch's core product is their developer SDK, they are developing apps internally that showcase the power of the technology. Voodoo Tap Frogs is XTouch's first technology demonstration app. It is a social game where friends get together and play around a common device. It is a great game that has received some early recognition with a feature on the App Store.

The Challenge

The core mechanic of Voodoo Tap Frogs is simple yet quite enjoyable. Up to four players can sit around a single device and try to get their respective frog to eat as many flies as possible in a Hungry Hippo style of play. The key difference is that each player is rewarded only for consuming their specific flies and penalized if they eat someone else's. The flies circle the pond in an organized fashion so the game is combination of speed and accuracy. The challenge for XTouch and Voodoo Tap Frogs was to understand quickly how to adjust the core game dynamics to get the best possible engagement out of users. This is extremely important because small changes in engagement can have a dramatic effect on retention and the overall success of an app in the fickle gaming category.

XTouch Technology

The Test

For XTouch, the first thing they wanted to test was the core game mechanic of the speed with which the flies circle the pond. While, it is a relatively simple test, it clearly affects the overall feeling of the game and it's level of difficulty. To test this, XTouch took advantage of Taplytics' code-based experiments with dynamic variables and tested very specific increments of the speed of the flies' rotation. To determine the success of the test, XTouch set a goal of completing a round of play. This meant that a conversion was tracked when a user completed their first full round of play.

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The Result

After running the test for three weeks, XTouch was able to declare a winner, with the best performing variation resulting in a 29.76% increase in conversions over the baseline. Because 30% more users were completing a full round of play XTouch noticed an additional benefit where total user sessions increased, resulting in an improvement to daily and weekly average user rates.

Taplytics Results - XTouch

XTouch, was pleasantly surprised with the overall result and their CEO Amin Heidari said, "While we had a hunch this type of change to our game dynamic might have an affect on the usage of Voodoo Tap Frogs, we had no idea that the simple changes we made would have such a deep impact on the lifecycle of a user." If you have a similar story that you want to share feel free to either post a comment below or send me a note We would be more than happy to share your story with the rest of the community.    

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