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The dreaded App Store holiday shutdown letter If you're a mobile developer, or involved in the creation and distribution of a mobile app, you probably got the exact email you see above in your inbox about a week ago.

The season of dread for mobile apps

This email signifies the dreaded, yet all too predictable, time of year for those with mobile apps. Right about now, you are increasing your pace of development in a build up for the holidays, the biggest gift-buying (and app downloading) season of the year. You're ramping up because if you do things right, the next month can make your year. In fact, the holiday season has been known to historically more than double an app's traffic.

But there's a problem. Apple shuts down all submissions to the App store for the week surrounding Christmas. The email from the iTunes Connect team specifically states:

From Monday, December 22, through Monday, December 29, 2014, iTunes Connect, Application Loader, and iTunes Connect for iOS will be unavailable... you will not be able to submit new apps, app updates, or In-App Purchases.

While giving your team time off around the holidays is something to be commended (not enough companies do this), it is feared by those with apps, because of the what if.

What if you need to make a last minute change to your marketing material.

What if you didn't get your design just right and your app looks wonky.

what if you somehow let a bug slipped through, and there's a major crash in the version that makes it to the App Store for Christmas.

Well, in that case you are most definitely F&@!ed

Right when you just need to get a new version of your app out there, at the most critical time of year for all apps. There is nothing you can do. Except maybe cry.

Your saving grace

Now, if at that critical moment, the moment when you thought all hope was lost, you realized you had Taplytics installed in your app, you would be saved! You'd be saved because you would have Hotfixes available to you.

Hotfixes would give you the power, in your time of need, to get the fixes or updates you need, to the devices that need them, instantly.

Instantly means, not needing to go through the non-existent App Store review process, and no waiting for the reviewers to get back from their vacations. Just sweet salvation, and a chance to make sure your app is performing at its best, exactly when you need it to.

What you can do today to protect yourself

Given that we are ten days away from the holiday shutdown, and App Review times are currently about a week. If you want to take advantage of this insurance policy for your mobile app, you just need to do five simple things:

  1. Create an account
  2. Drop our SDK into your app
  3. Initialize the SDK with an API key
  4. Submit the new version of your app with Taplytics to the App Store for review
  5. Drink some hot cocoa and enjoy some holiday cheer

To make things even easier, our free trial lets you use the full functionality of Taplytics for a complete month. That means you can get well past the holiday shutdown with an insurance policy protecting you.

If you want to get started just sign up or send me an email at and I'll point you in the right direction.

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