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Angular Featured Image At Taplytics, we use the latest web and server technologies to help us deliver great interactive experiences. At the core is our MEAN stack (mongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and node.js). While we are huge fans of each technology and the stack that we run on, the nascent nature of each technology periodically has its down sides.

Today, the Angular team at Google pushed the long-awaited release of v1.2.0. At Taplytics, we've been testing the unstable branch for months and love many of the new features that have been added (e.g. animations, better error messages, etc..). With the launch of v1.2.0, the Angular team introduced a breaking change for anyone using variables with underscores, such as _id in mongoDB or couchDB. This means that any references to _id do not work anymore, breaking many apps and introducing many users to the error message: "secure expressions by hiding "private" properties".

While its not unusual for breaking changes to be introduced, it is a bit odd for these changes to be introduced when transitioning from a release candidate to a final release. Because Angular already had 3 release candidates, this has left many users frustrated that their apps are no longer working.

Within a few short hours, dozens of comments have already been posted in the pull request on GitHub. To many, this situation may be a turn off to using Angular or other emerging technologies. For us though, while we are frustrated that this change has broken our stack, we are impressed that the Angular team has been so open and responsive with the community. It is clear that they did not intend to make such a breaking change and are focused on finding a solution.

At Taplytics, we have decided to hold off on upgrading to 1.2.0 until a final decision has been made. Given how fast things move, we shouldn't have to wait too long!

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