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Device Management Featured Image I'm really excited to announce the introduction of email and text message device pairing. This can now be used on both dev and release builds of your app, to create and preview your mobile A/B tests when using Taplytics.

This means you no longer need a special development build to use Taplytics!

You'll now see the following buttons whenever you need to pair a device:

The platform-wide methods for pairing your team's devices to Taplytics

To manage all of your devices and their individual settings, just go to the Device Manger in your project settings.

How to access our new Device Manager

On top of the ability to now create, edit and review your A/B tests with release builds of your mobile app, Taplytics' new device management feature allows you to manage all of your development devices in one place.

On the new Device Management screen you can toggle on and off Experiment Editing as well as the Taplytics Shake Menu.

Our new Device Manager and the settings available for each device

We're really excited about this new feature and its ability to make managing large teams in Taplytics, much easier. If you have any questions about our new Device Management features and how they can help you with mobile A/B testing, feel free to leave a question in the comments below.

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