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Patriotic A/B Tests Here at Taplytics we like a good long weekend as much as the next guys, and while we are proud to be Canadian we understand that Canada Day is just no match for the sheer patriotism that surrounds Independence Day. So to do our part in helping to celebrate this edition of the July 4th long weekend, we thought we'd show off a few mobile A/B testing ideas that have a little patriotic flare. I'll step you through three different apps with three different scenarios, and who knows, you might just get some ideas on how to theme your app for the next great holiday.

The Weather App

Everyone can relate to this obsession. The long weekend is a week or two out, you have your perfect weekend trip planned to the cottage, the ocean, the campground, wherever, and you start checking the weather every 5 minutes or so. On the web, on your TV and obviously on your trusty weather app on your phone. Every tick down or up in the forecast either results in a terrible sinking feeling or a sense of elation, because your entire weekend revolves around the weather gods looking down on you favorably. You never thought that you had OCD before, but this obsession starts to make you wonder.

If you are the publisher of such an app, this is a perfect time for you to engage your audience with true patriotic messaging and show your users that you understand their needs for a sun-filled, clear-skied, weekend of awesomeness. It can be a simple change like the example below. Giving your users just a little reminder that hey, we're rooting for you and the fun that you have planned. Because, what says Happy Fourth of July more than some fun fireworks?

Weather App Mobile A/B Test

The Loyalty App

Obviously a big part of every long weekend is the food. Meals are carefully planned to have just the right amount of bacon, coolers are prepped, ready to be overflowing with drinks. So before the long weekend comes you're probably scouring for recipes, trying to find where the best deals on bulk meat can be found, so you can have the perfect decadent weekend. If you have an app that sells any type of food product you'll want to be top of mind for these hungry hoards.

What better way to stay top of mind than A/B testing your trusty loyalty program? Because really when it comes down to it, Independence Day is the ultimate loyalty program. The average joe punches in approximately 250 working days each year to be rewarded with their free day of food, drink and fireworks. So if you have a mobile app like this, you might want to step up your efforts and be a little less subtle than those weather app folks. Here you can take advantage of A/B testing your nav bar with a new background image, potentially sprucing up your imagery with a little red white and blue and it never hurts to mention Independence in your copy.

Loyalty App Mobile A/B Test

The Fitness App

Now that we're in 2014 you can't have an indulgent weekend without thinking about the calories you're taking in and the stunning lack of exercise you got while drinking beers and eating barbecue.  The mobile revolution and the pervasiveness of wearables connected to your smartphone means that while you may rarely check it this weekend, you still probably have a fitness app calling out at you from your home screen, making you feel guilty that you're not even checking it let alone inputting your caloric intake.

Well here's where the A/B testing savvy mobile app maker can truly win some brownie points. Instead of delivering bad news to your trusty user, you could send them tidings of good cheer and Independence Day joy. This is definitely a step above the other possibilities I have shown so far, but seeing as though this is one heck of a long weekend, someone should be bringing the true patriotism. And what better way to do it than with a total app takeover with soaring eagles, waving flags and the Lady of Liberty. Now that is a 4th of July theme to be proud of!

Fitness App Mobile A/B Test

Creating the Patriotism

You are probably thinking one of two things right now; either 1) I hope no one ever does this to my app on any long weekend or 2) how the heck do I do this to my app for the next long weekend. Well for everyone who even just wants more control of the content in their app there is Taplytics. And if you're using Taplytics to create this type of patriotism in your app, it's your lucky day, because it couldn't be simpler. I'll skip past the part that describes how you would connect your app to the platform and create your first mobile A/B test because you can easily check that out on your own and I'll get right to the good stuff.

Just taking the first weather app example, this mobile A/B test or more so, this patriotic app edit can be done with just a few taps and clicks. All you would have to do is connect your app to our dashboard, create an experiment and then tap on the day of your choice and the appropriate weather icon to connect them to our experiment creator (see below). Once the elements have been added you can edit the images, and change the text and then push your little piece of patriotism to as many of your users as you'd like. It's just that simple.

A/B Test Experiment Creator

If you have any other ideas on how to theme your app for this 4th of July weekend or if you have any questions about mobile A/B testing, feel free to leave a comment below.

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